Multi-App Analytics Dashboards for Agencies

Choose the brew that works for you! All plans come with a quad shot of features including dashboard templates, metric alerts, iOS & Android app access, customer support and much more.

Managing clients is hard work. Gathering metrics?
Time Consuming & Chaotic!

With Dasheroo for Agencies, you can manage all your clients from a single account and collaborate on the reporting metrics that matter most, all at the prices you set.

Note: Dasheroo starts to collect your data when you first connect an app; Many connected applications do not allow us to retrieve historical data. If your account is young, you may not have accumulated enough data to completely fill your data window yet. Over time, you will be able to analyze your collected data up to your plan’s defined data window.

Multiple Teams and Clients

Dasheroo grows effortlessly with your agency, no matter how many clients you bring on.

With Dasheroo for Agencies you can support clients of any size and set the level of access for for each user making it easy to review and collaborate in real-time.

If providing direct client access isn’t a priority for your agency you can always share dashboards via email and schedule them to be delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

Set Your Own Pricing

You decide what it should cost your clients. There is one billing relationship with Dasheroo so you can charge your client for data management and reporting — a new potential revenue stream!

Reliable & Secure

The world’s most respected agencies and brands rely on Dasheroo’s platform to track their client’s KPIs. Our cloud-based tools are both secure, reliable and backed by top-tier customer support.